Premier Medsply Co., Ltd. is a company that imports best qua.lity dental products and equipment for dentists. We continue to improve our services by giving lectures to provide product information as well as giving technical presentations, training progra.n8, and support for overseas study.

We vere esta.blished in 2004 with only five staff members. Since the startup, the company has provided dental products and equipment to dentists, especia.lly the specialized products such as orthodontic products, dental consumables a.nd other supplies including denta.l chairs and dental labora.tory products.

We are a successful company that gains trust from a large nunber of dentists, because ve have quality staff members who are loyal, struggling, patient and dedica.ted to work. We have overcome ma.ny crises before we a.chieve this success. Both our sa.les and a.dministration. departments have been the driving forces behind the compa.ny's success until now.




We strive to be Dental Equipment and Supply Hub of ASEAN


1. Ga.ther material and denta.l instruments is diverse and comprehensive.

2. Focus on building the network comprehensive trade pa.rtners in Dental IndustrySupply Chain.